Small Business Safety – Part 1

Protect Yourself Against Phishing

If you’re a busy person who’s always on the go, you probably check your email on your phone. Gartner reports that almost 75% of smartphone owners use their devices to check their email. And if you’re really on the go, you read your email quickly. In fact, Movable Ink’s US Consumer Device Preference Report of 2014 via Email Monday states that most mobile users only spend about 10 seconds to view each message. 10 seconds isn’t a long time especially if you’re multitasking. How many of you are guilty of reading your email while walking down the hall, sidewalk or cafeteria?

Combine the quickness of our culture plus the growth of phishing, and you’ve got an increased risk for identity theft. Phishing (pronounced like fishing) is the activity of defrauding an online account holder of financial information by posing as a legitimate company.

According to a Google study, phishing emails work 45% of the time. Read More here…

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